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As the Wise Men were celebrating the birth of a newborn king in the Holy Land, another group of people were also celebrating this remarkable event on the other side of the world. The Book of Mormon tells their story. His story is one of giving selflessly, which we continue today as we help others. Read the story of Christmas in a Bible of your own. Request a Holy Bible. Name and email. First Name Please enter a value. Last Name Please enter a value. Email Please enter a value. Please choose a country Please select a country. Address Please enter an address. Sorry, we couldn't find any addresses that would help you.

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Bible Christmas Story

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Bible Christmas Story

Weekend evening. Titles in this top section are best for reading with kids about 10 years and up, and tend to be more sentimental. The Gift of the Magi. A sad and beautiful story to remind us all to be thankful and charitable and to appreciate what we have at Christmas time.

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A young married couple-- rich in love, poor in money-- buy each other gifts and teach all of us about sacrifice and giving. One of the most enduring Christmas stories of all time, a morality tale of the bitter old miser, Ebeneezer Scrooge, who has a change of heart after visits from the ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Yet to Come.

The Elves and the Shoemaker. A poor shoemaker and his wife are down to their last piece of leather when their fortunes change thanks to help from talented elves. A tree can't wait to grow up and achieve great things, rather than appreciate the present. An unlikely conversation between and old oak and a mayfly that delightfully illustrates the wonder of perspective. Christmas Jenny. A children's take on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol , Alcott shares a delightful story from a young girl's point of view.

A precious story about the joy of thoughtful gift-giving and the appreciation of recipients. Papa Panov's Special Christmas. An old man welcomes strangers into his home, a story of compassion and kindness. Clarence Fountain is quite cynical about the pretense of self-deception about Santa Claus as his children grow older; that is, until his family leads him to a complete change of heart.

A man struggling to write a Christmas story gets a visit from Father Time to discuss what's wrong with Christmas, then is treated to Father Christmas' arrival, rekindling his true belief in the season's magic. Marg'ret had given up hope of "getting up a notch" in life, and now had to resolve her remorse for stealing that parcel. Cousin Tribulation's Story. Who was teaching whom about charity and generosity? Freeman delivers some unexpected twists, a perfect holiday story about compassion for those in need. This is the story of the fourth wise man who did not arrive with his brethren and whose desires were denied, yet accomplished.

A heartwarming story about an oatmeal parade and "angel-children" who help a family in need. Six bell spirits gather to assess the world's state of affairs on Christmas Eve; Alcott's State of the Union address , had she occasion to deliver one.

Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking. By the author of Anne of Green Gables , this story is set in the harsh plains of Saskatchewan. Sometimes the best times come at the hardest times. A story about a railway tramp who retrieves a package from a young lady's wagon.


Sophie invites her dear friend Emily for a real old-fashioned Christmas frolic away from the city. How will Santa deliver presents? The lease says no peddlers or agents can enter the apartment building-- how will be the most famous toy peddler get in? A Country Christmas. Stowe describes the arrival of the Mayflower and the settlers' very first holiday celebrations. Jane White came to realize that love and kindness were not such strangers upon the earth as she had thought.

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Celebrating the joy of giving, Betty brainstorms thoughtful gifts each recipient will appreciate the most. Dolly is too young to join the other colonialists as they gather at the church Christmas greens to celebrate. The infamous headless horseman author offers a lovely Christmas reverie about its festivities.