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How to make public spaces accessible. For constructed paths, boardwalks and ramps: meet the minimum requirements for width and head clearance keep slopes within the set limits ensure they comply with other technical requirements For recreational trails, post the required signs at the start of the trail.

Space Types

Signs, brochures, web sites and other media must include: the length of the trail the type of surface of which the trail is constructed the average and minimum width of the trail the average and maximum running slope and cross slope the location of amenities, where provided For example: A municipality is constructing a new recreational trail.

On-street parking If you belong to a public sector organization, you must make new on-street parking accessible. It includes parking spaces provided by designated public sector organizations for public use on: streets highways To meet the requirement, you must consult with the public and people with disabilities on the need, location and design of accessible on-street parking spaces. Types of parking spaces include: wider spaces for people who use mobility aids e. Clearly mark all accessible spaces with the required signage.

Service counters Service counters may be desks or counter spaces where people have face-to-face conversations with staff to receive service. To meet the accessibility requirements, you must: make at least one service counter accessible to people who use mobility aids, such as wheelchairs. The area should be low enough to allow the person with a disability to interact with the person providing service.

To meet the requirements, you must: ensure the fixed waiting line is wide enough for people with disabilities to move through easily with their mobility aids e. For example: Jason, a lawyer, plans to create a new waiting room with 6 built-in fixed seats for his clients.

At least 1 seat must be accessible. A large medical clinic offering several different kinds of therapies is renovating its waiting area. When complete, there will be seats.

Number of parking spaces required.

At least 3 of them must be accessible. Outdoor play spaces By law, you must make outdoor play spaces accessible if you are: a business or non-profit organization with 50 or more employees or a public sector organization building new public outdoor play spaces and planning to maintain them or making major changes to existing spaces and planning to maintain them You do not have to change existing outdoor play spaces.

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Public outdoor play spaces include: play equipment and structures e. Outdoor paths By law, you must make public outdoor paths accessible if you are: a business or non-profit organization with 50 or more employees or a public sector organization; and building new paths of travel and planning to maintain them making major changes to existing outdoor paths of travel and planning to maintain them You do not have to change existing public outdoor paths of travel to comply with the law. Municipalities must also consult with their accessibility advisory committees For example: A municipality is redeveloping a stretch of sidewalk.

This plan explains how you will: handle times when accessible parts of your outdoor paths of travel are not working or available maintain the accessible parts of your public outdoor eating area — both regular and emergency maintenance For example: A private parking lot operator has set aside the required number of spaces for accessible parking. Accessibility in buildings The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act does not apply to buildings.

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Additional accessibility rules Your organization may have to meet additional accessibility requirements. Share facebook twitter Print. When a business or State or local government restripes parking spaces in a parking lot or parking structure parking facilities , it must provide accessible parking spaces as required by the ADA Standards for Accessible Design Standards. In addition, businesses or privately owned facilities that provide goods or services to the public have a continuing ADA obligation to remove barriers to access in existing parking facilities when it is readily achievable to do so.

Because restriping is relatively inexpensive, it is readily achievable in most cases. State and local government facilities also have an ongoing ADA obligation to make their programs accessible, which can require providing accessible parking.

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This compliance brief provides information about the features of accessible car and van parking spaces and how many accessible spaces are required when parking facilities are restriped. One of six accessible parking spaces, but always at least one, must be van-accessible. The required number of accessible parking spaces must be calculated separately for each parking facility, not calculated based on the total number of parking spaces provided on a site.

One of six or fraction of six accessible parking spaces, but always at least one, must be van accessible. Parking for hospital outpatient facilities, rehabilitation facilities, outpatient physical therapy facilities or residential facilities have substantially different requirements for accessibility see Standards Accessible parking spaces must be located on the shortest accessible route of travel to an accessible facility entrance. Where buildings have multiple accessible entrances with adjacent parking, the accessible parking spaces must be dispersed and located closest to the accessible entrances.

When accessible parking spaces are added in an existing parking lot or structure, locate the spaces on the most level ground close to the accessible entrance. An accessible route must always be provided from the accessible parking to the accessible entrance. An accessible route never has curbs or stairs, must be at least 3 feet wide, and has a firm, stable, slip-resistant surface. The slope along the accessible route should not be greater than in the direction of travel.

2.6.2 Required Number and Location of Accessible Parking Spaces

Accessible parking spaces may be clustered in one or more facilities if equivalent or greater accessibility is provided in terms of distance from the accessible entrance, parking fees, and convenience. Van-accessible parking spaces located in parking garages may be clustered on one floor to accommodate the inch minimum vertical height requirement.

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  5. Parking space identification sign with the international symbol of accessibility complying with Bicycle parking spaces shall be provided for new construction at the ratio of one space per 2, square feet of gross floor area of commercial space, and in accordance with the requirements of Section 23E. The vehicle parking space requirements of this Section may be reduced or waived through payment of an in-lieu fee to be used to provide enhanced transit services, subject to securing a Use Permit subject to the finding in section 23E.

    H or modified with an AUP subject to the findings in 23E. New construction that results in an on-site total of more than 25 publicly available parking spaces shall install dynamic signage to Transportation Division specifications, including, but not limited to, real-time garage occupancy signs at the entries and exits to the parking facility with vehicle detection capabilities and enabled for future connection to the regional Travel Information System or equivalent, as determined by the Zoning Officer in consultation with the Transportation Division Manager.

    Occupants of residential units or GLA units constructed, newly constructed or converted from a non-residential use shall not be eligible for Residential Parking Permit RPP permits under Chapter For any new building with residential units or structures converted to a residential use, required parking spaces shall be leased or sold separate from the rental or purchase of dwelling units for the life of the dwelling unit, unless the Board grants a Use Permit to waive this requirement for projects which include financing for affordable housing subject to the finding in section 23E.

    A notice describing these transportation benefits shall be posted in a location or locations visible to employees and residents. A functionally equivalent transit benefit in an amount at least equal to the price of a non-discounted unlimited monthly local bus pass. Any benefit proposed as a functionally equivalent transportation benefit shall be approved by the Zoning Officer in consultation with the Transportation Division Manager. For residential structures constructed or converted from a non-residential use that require vehicle parking under Section 23E.