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Here are a handful of Fire Emblem: Three Houses romance tips to help you get the most out of your time looking for love on the battlefield. Unlike other Fire Emblem games, marriage in Three Houses doesn't take place until after the main story, and the war is over. Jeralt, the player characters father, will give you a ring before the time jump.

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Once you've made your way through the story you'll be able to choose who you give it to. You won't be able to pick anyone though as your support level will need to be A or S and they'll need to be compatible with your character. Male characters who don't identify as gay or bi won't marry you if you play as a male character.

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Although some characters, like Alois do identify as either gay or bi, as he was available for marriage during my first playthrough as a male character. The final decision unfortunately happens via a menu selection, so don't expect to go running through the monastery to profess your love. There is an additional cut scene and story information once you've made your decision though. Everyone must make a tough decision at the beginning of Three Houses, picking between the titular three houses: Black Eagles, Blue Lions, or the Golden Deer.

Each house comes with a unique set of characters and while you can recruit a few students from other houses, some characters will immediately go off the market if you don't select their house. I'm not entirely sure if they are able to be wooed at all, but not choosing their respective house makes bonding with them far more difficult.

Tips for Fire Emblem: Three Houses - 17 Things We Wish We Knew Before We Started

The students in your house are far easier to romance since the act of teaching actually helps your relationship with them grow. If you're set on a certain character, be sure to pick their house. That's not to say you have to marry a student, faculty and knights are more than available as well. Throughout your time in Fire Emblem: Three Houses you'll come across lost items in the monastery.

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