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Diablo: Legacy of Blood : Legacy of Blood

Birthright takes place before the games Diablo and Diablo II take place. It tells the story of Uldyssian ul-Diomed, a farmer whose only remaining family is his brother, Mendeln. The story begins where Uldyssian's family falls victims to a plague, which only he and his brother survive. Later, a murder is unearthed in the woods near his home village, Seram. In this time he has already become infatuated with a stranger to the town named Lylia, and he has started to possess eerie powers, like a thunderstorm that left many dead, including the men of the Cathedral of Light who accused him of the murder and were there to arrest him.

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Uldyssian and Lylia, along with Uldyssian's brother Mendeln, a woman from their village named Serenthia, and a skilled hunter named Achilios, escape under cover of the storm for the nearby forests. Once there, Lylia explains to Uldyssian that his power is a gift and he accepts this, and comes to awaken the same power in Serenthia and Achilios. Not long after their escape, they are set upon by Peace Warders and a priest from the Temple of the Triune, which stands in opposition to the Cathedral of Light, but Uldyssian easily routs them with the help of Lylia and they continue on to her desired destination.

Meanwhile, the priest of the Triune who led the attack against Uldyssian—Malic—returns to the Primus of the Triune, Lucion, who tortures him for his failure. The torture ends with Lucion's gifting Malic with a demonic arm and several vicious morlu to aid his second chance at capturing Uldyssian and bringing him back to the main Temple. Scales of the Serpent is a novel written by Richard A. Knaak and is the second novel in the Diablo trilogy, The Sin War. It continues the story from Birthright and is followed by The Veiled Prophet.

This book begins with Uldyssian attacking the Temple of the Triune in the city of Toraja at the request of Lilith. After destroying the Temple and converting much of the cities populace to his cause, Uldyssian defeats the demon Gulag, and Lilith prevents the demon Astroga from attacking Uldyssian.

Uldyssian warns the Council Senior of Toraja that he will attack again should the temple grow again. Rathma reveals to the dragon Trag'oul that he is the Son of Lilith and Inarius, and Inarius realises after that his son is alive. While Uldyssian is camping outside Toraja, some of its people come to see him, hoping to learn of the gift. During this time, some Peace Warder's under the disguise of common folk attack Uldyssian. One of the attackers was outside, and is found slain by an arrow shortly afterwards.

This is later revealed to be a reanimated Achilios, brought back by Rathma. Serenthia goes to a stream alone to obtain more water for her flask, and unknown to Uldyssian encounters Lilith, who takes possession of her. Astroga has begun to suspect that Lucion is not who he seems to be, and after speaking to his master, Diablo, decides to put his own plan into action. On the journey to Hashir, a malevolent force begins to target Serenthia, but Uldyssian and Mendeln manage to draw its attention away from her by using their power to attack the structure they sense it emanates from.

Mendeln meets with Achilios, and decides to tell Uldyssian that he is back. When they continue their journey they are interrupted by heavy storms, which Serenthia disperses. They ask Mendeln to stand with them. Two morlu abduct Serenthia while Uldyssian is talking to the citizens of Hashir, but she quickly reappears and reveals their presence to everyone.

Arihan, frustrated with the plans failure leaves the morlu and the peace wardens to their fate, returning to the Primus. Needing a scapegoat, Astroga murders Arihan and brings his head to Diablo. He ends up on mount Arreat, where Rathma appears and takes him to the World Stone. There, Uldyssian tries to use it to give his followers more power, but ends up altering its structure, something Rathma believed was impossible. The return Uldyssian to the Jungle to confront Lilith, and they go to mount Arreat to confront Inarius.

Inarius overcomes them both easily, and inspects the world stone.

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Upon discovering the change in its structure, he states that Uldyssian may have condemned them all, hinting that he will decide to destroy Sanctuary and start over. Lilith has seduced Romus, and corrupts him into blindly following her and betraying Uldyssian to her. She kills Romus and attempts to sacrifice Uldyssian and her other corrupted followers to take control of the Edyrem. She fails thanks to Achilios intervening with the spell and freeing Serenthia from her. Astroga confronts her, and they briefly fight. Astroga being the less powerful retreats and decides to form his own followers.

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Lilith decides enough is enough and gathers a huge army, intending to attack the Edyrem from behind and from the main temple. Achilios decides to speak to Serenthia, but is abducted by an Angel. They teach Mendeln how to summon spirits, and he summons the dead high priest Malic, offering him revenge against Lilith for information on the main temple.

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They are almost overcome until Achilios is sent back to them with arrows that explode on impact. Lilith casts a spell that has the dead from both sides rise and attack the Edyrem, but Mendeln returns and destroys them.

Uldyssian accidentally summons Lilith to him, who teleports him into the main temple. Uldyssian defeats Lilith and brings down the temple, leaving her for dead. Rathma enters the temple and finds Lilith dead, not realising it is an illusion Inarius has cast. After he leaves, Inarius enters and confronts a badly injured Lilith, revealing that he has been boosting the power of the Edyrem so they could defeat her.

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He traps Lilith in a glowing ball and shrinks it down to nothing. He states that her fate is fortunate, compared to what awaits Uldyssian and his followers who in their arrogance, believe themselves to be more than they are. The Veiled Prophet is a novel written by Richard A.


Knaak and is the third novel in the trilogy. The book details the climax of the struggles over the Sanctuary, and the warring forces of the Angels, Demons, Inarius, and the edyrem, and the mage clans of Kehjan, who all have a stake in the outcome. The book lays the ground for upcoming Diablo games and novels. However, things get complicated. Uldyssian renamed his followers as The Edyrem, the descendants of the firstborn: the Nephalem.

Serenthia and Uldyssian's brother, Mendeln, helped him control the masses of nearly a thousand Edyrem marching toward Kehjan City, still days ahead. Meldeln had learned from Rathma the ways of the Necromancer and communed with Ghosts who would tell him things as spies at his service. The Edyrem found a few merchant wagons and decided to talk to the influential merchant to seek an audience with the Mage Clans. Only Uldyssian continues the journey to Kehjan City alongside the merchant.

Otherwise, Kehjan City would see the approach of a thousand Edyrem as an impending invasion. On their way to the city, a mage and a servant attack the merchant wagons. Everyone is killed, but Uldyssian who fought in vain against a binding spell. Shortly, the mage brought Uldyssian to his sanctum beneath Kehjan City. The mage planned to frame Uldyssian to look like the murderer of the influential merchant so that the Edyrem would be blamed. His monstruous servant kept watch over Uldyssian, while his master left to meet the Mage Clans. The servant was more than what he seemed to be Uldyssian had thought Malic had died at the Church of the Triune all this time, and painfully found out how he had survived.

In his hand, the monster held a crystal He would use it to transfer his soul into a new host. Each host burning away within days or hours. All this time seeking the opportunity to find Uldyssian as his final host. Malic had taken possession of a disfigured man to serve and fuel the powers of one of the Mage Clans members, to put in motion a plan to reach Uldyssian.